This Week: MCC


“MCC is a dream addict seeking rehab who lives with an insomniac. So, in his spare time, he nurses young, black lambs back to health so that he can stay on good terms with Jesus. An avid slackliner, his friends agree that his meat is the stringiest. Fueled by funk, juiced up on jazz and running on rap, MCC enjoys a good, reliable barstool and a mike connected to a clear frequency. He used to be a Town Guide and so smiles like the Cheshire Cat so you can find him in the night.

MCC is a competing member on the Montréal Slam Poetry Team (2012), he MC’d for the McGill Talent Drive for Héma-Québec (2011), MC’ed for the McGill Improv Show (2011), and presented at McGill’s 10th Annual Education Student Graduate Seminar (2010), and has been published with an “Honorary Mention” in a national poetry collection. (Solitude, 2009).

MCC stands for Michael Cody Clarke and was forcefully socialized into his nickname. He has since embraced it, upon discovering its affinity with Einstein’s Famous Theory. He is interested in the process of naming, and enjoys calling himself (when no one else is looking) Mike “Cosmic” C. His internet profile is on the way so watch out!”


Come and “Take Hold Of Your Right To Speak”

This Thursday June 14th at Cafe L’Artere 7000 Parc ave

Peace, Love & Poetic Unity!!


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