This Week : NEW LOCATION + Aliyah TruTh + JaiBelle

This week, on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012, MIC & DIM LIGHTS MTL will be at Café l’Artère
(7000 avenue du Parc, Montreal). Join Us!



Aliyah TruTh has been performing spokenword poetry for the past 7 years. Usually a quiet, sometimes shy person…she quickly got over that after getting positive reactions from her audience. Since then she’s blessed the mic at many different venues in and out of town. After an almost 2 year hiatus Aliyah is once again taking the stage to drop some of what she calls her ‘Rapoetry’ —- she says, “my poetry is a direct reflection of my mind, my heart, and my soul — I don’t take it for granted”. Aliyah’s debut album ‘BulletProofSoul’ was released in May 2010 — be on the lookout this SUMMER 2012 for some long awaited new material from the artist known as TruTh. Aliyah has come to be known as one of Montreal’s most talented spokenword artists, as the host of one show said before she took the stage…”when she speaks mountains crumble”.

Just getting her feet wet as a songstress; Jamila aka JaiB starting writing and singing as early as elementary finding amusement in creating n placing emotions n thoughts on paper!

Though her natural instinct was to speak she took another route, starting off as a dancer excelling in the forms of afro-Caribbean,ballet,modern and jazz dance; and then was honored with the Victor Phillips award by the Black Theater workshop for not only her artistic but scholastic achievements. JaiB has danced for many at many venues for many years not only performing but teaching as well but she always felt she needed to speak. Fast forward a few years after highschool and the dance troops and injuries Jamila’s voice grew bigger and she stepped out as a singer!

Jamila aka JaiBelle born in Montreal not only sings but writes her own music. She has been performing her songs live for about the past 3yrs years teaming up with producer local artists and producers like Do It Right Productions and Marveluz Beats to help fuel the true artist within. She is a R&B singer at heart but is a chameleon in her work and creativity,she pulls you into every word, every emotion! She is currently working on her mix cd so listen out for her and may of already heard her at local events and or on K103 singing her debut song “Rendez Vous” n “Watch It”!


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