This Week : MONEY

When asked to describe himself in five words or less his response was; “ridiculously random, hopeless romantic drifter”.

An extremely fitting response considering his history. Money was born right here in Montreal, QC, but has spent his life splitting time between an array of Canadian cities. He has lived and worked in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, London and Banff just to name a few. The middle child of 11 brothers and sisters. He always made sure to be the largest thorn in the side of his Mother.

Known by most of his friends and family as a man who if nothing else has a way with words. As a child he was a huge fan of reading different fantasy stories and enjoyed losing himself within them. Soon enough his affliction for literature had compelled him to begin writing himself, and as a young boy he found it was an exceedingly effective way of addressing his feelings and thoughts. So he started by writing short stories and poetry.

In January of 2011 Money took to the stage for the first time and competed in a poetry slam held by The Throw Poetry Collective and has not looked back since. Believing that diversity is definitely not just an old wooden ship used during the civil war era, his work varies from the extremely naughty – and slightly inappropriate- to loving and romantic, to informative and sometimes, just sometimes he just happens to be thinking out loud.

While others might disagree, Money is always quick to point out that he is not a poet. For he has had the privilege of meeting and getting to know some amazing poets who inspire him regularly. As far as he is concerned, he is merely an overly enthusiastic fan of poetry and spoken word. Which by coincidence has turned into him finding himself on stage performing some of his favourite work more frequently than anticipated.

He is a loving son, brother, uncle, and boyfriend. A terrible role model and an awkwardly adjusting stepfather. But most importantly he is your favourite poet’s favourite waiter.



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