This Week : Jen Kunlire


Jen Kunlire is a Calgary based spoken word poet, hailing onto the Calgary Slam scene in 2008, and is a two-time Calgary Slam team member.

Since 2008, she’s performed extensively throughout Calgary and Vancouver; a regional winner of the 2009 CBC Poetry Face off, a three time feature for the Calgary International Spoken Word festival, and has launched her 25 minute poem New World Orderly Guidance two times in Vancouver as part of the Black dot collective & Culture and the Vancouver Poetry Slam during the Winter Olympic madness.

A past youth member- at- large for the Writer’s Guild of Alberta, Jen’s conducted spoken word workshops for vulnerable youth in camps, conventions, schools and the Calgary youth slam. She has self published 6 chapbooks including an anthology of Calgary poets, and was the former editor for the weekly grassroots zine Word Up!

Jen has collaborated with musicians, DJs and was invited to collaborate with a choreographer; fusing word with a five crew dance piece at the University of Calgary.

Both politically and spiritually charged, Jen writes and performs for social change by infusing her love for music and voice with words. Her poetry is about everyday issues we face as humans and spiritual beings in general; attempting to break the surface of mundane existing and connect back with source of all that is.


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