Our Special Guest this week : SONIA SOUL

Sonia Soul has been bouncing and flowing to her own beat of life since the womb…

Born February 6th 1982, Sonia Soul has the reputation of being one of the best kept secrets of Montreal…but not for much longer!!! Strong, grounded, intelligent, beautiful, talented are just a few words that begin to describe her. Sonia Soul is a woman with alot on her mind and her songs and voice show it all off. She started her career like many other artists, singing for friends and family, then proceeded to take part in a high school talent show back in 1999. Performing ”Breakdown” (Mariah Carey), she shocked the audience two nights in a row with her small frame and powerful voice.

In 2001, she left the family nest to persue her singing dream and braught her voice to the streets of the city of Montreal. Meeting talent was part of the plan and led to great collaborations and friendships. One in particular stands out with Drum & Bass/ Reggae DJ/Producer Krinjah, with whom she recorded her first song ever ”Free”, in a small ”homey” studio on Prince-Arthur.

In 2002, while performing covers in a downtown Montreal club on opening night, she met lead singer/frontman Kali of the group Kali and Dub. Connection was good and collaborations announced themselves to be promising. Sonia Soul joined the group and in the following year had the privilege of opening for hot acts such as Everton Blender, Toots and the Maytals and perform in Montreal’s own International Jazz Festival (2005) along side fellow band members Kali and Dee’qa. 2007 was the year for Sonia Soul’s long awaited return, after 2 years away from the stage and loyal fans.

This time around, Sonia Soul confirmed she stood alone in her genre with new songs like ”They”, ”Heard it all”, ”Let you know” and many more…She has lived up to her word with lyrics that force you to look within yourself and make you relate to her concerns and growth. Listening, or better yet, seeing, Sonia Soul and her band, The Good Vibes, carry a song categorizes itself to be one of the best intimate experiences you could have. Store it away in your secret memory shelve to retrieve it in needy times… Unique.

Be on the look out for this rare Montreal gem to shine and light up your spirit.

Join us for MIC & DIM LIGHTS Thursday @ L’ESCALIER, 9pm


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