This Week’s Feature: Ali Chaotik ~ Dec. 13th, 2013

Chaotik's Pic

Chaotik is an aspiring hip hop artist from Montreal, Canada. This is where he was both born and raised, more specifically in the vibrant Haitian community of “Montreal-Nord”. With both his parents being both Haitian and Muslim, which is a rare combination, this has played as a strong influence in his music. Musically, Chaotik’s influences came from hip hop artists from the 90’s like A Tribe Called Quest, 2pac, Nas, Az, The Lox, Notorious B.I.G, Children of The Corn, Big Pun etc… He was inspired to actually pursue music by his eldest sister Vera; an RnB singer who was a member of a local hip hop group called “Cypher Strong” when he was growing up. The first introduction Chaotik made on the local scene was in the year 2007 with a group called “Red Blockz Cartel” which consisted of “YG” , “Lo Key” and of course “Chaotik”. Their first release was a “freestyle mixtape” called “The Movement Begins…”. He later decided to pursue his solo career releasing his solo “mixtape” “The Chaos Theory”. After this last release Chaotik took a hiatus from music and got caught up in the “Street Life”. After encountering some problems and being put in “life-changing” situations, he decided to deliver a more positive message in his music. He began to understand the power of words and the influence his music may have on his community. Chaotik was reborn with the release of his “Back To The Basics” mixtape hosted by Dj Simon Sez. This release really showed a more positive side and also brought us back to the golden age of hip hop. His delivery throughout was consistent with the theme of taking us “Back to The Basics” or to the roots of where this all started for him. With the release of his latest project “Poetically Chaotik” he gives the “best of both worlds” combining potent lyrical content with a smooth “90’s” flow on some new age beats. Chaotik shows originality and versatility by challenging himself to rap over beats that the average hip hop artist wouldn’t normally be drawn towards. This is definitely an artist you want to keep on your radar because he is very innovative and has star qualities.

HIRAM KEY Listening Party & A Mic N’ Dim Lights MTL

You are invited to come and listen to the “Sovereign Ruler of Hip-Hop” California Ghost King’s highly anticipated mixtape:

“Survivor of the Black Holocaust A Widows Son Raised”

Alongside the unprecedented Street Album from his younger brother UrbN LogiX entitled:

“More To Life – B.C.E.”

So come celebrate new life in the MTL Hip-Hop community as this date on the Gregorian calendar simultaneously marks UrbN LogiX’s 29th B-earth Day…

This SPLC event is hosted by the Royal Poets Society with a 1st time Mic & Dim Lights MTL Hip Hop theme featuring a special guest performance from Real City’s “Odd Man Out”:

Rapper Markings!!!

He who hath ears let them hear!!!


This Thursday, August 17th CLAYTON M RONEY will be gracing the stage Shining his Artistic Light! Come and Experience the Poetic Mold of CLAY!!!



Come and join in the positive vibes and some of MTL’s finest Poetry!!!!!

8pm BurritoVille 2055 Bishop Street, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E8

Peace, Love & Poetic Unity!



Jesse Anger is a poet, musician and audio engineer. His poetry has appeared in Island Mists (an anthology of contemporary Canadian poetry), Shot Glass, Soundzine, The Fib Review and Lucid Rhythms. His interests include graffiti, stringed instruments and juggling. He attends Concordia University in Montreal where he lives with his girlfriend and newborn son Aryeh.

Come and join in the positive vibes and some of MTL’s finest Poetry

8pm Burritoville 2055 Bishop Street, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E8


This Week: A Mic&Dim Lights MTL @ Burritoville

Peace Family, This week  A Mic&Dim Lights MTL will be held at, Burritoville 2055 Bishop Street, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E8

Hope to see you all there to join in a sharing experience. Come and support your fellow artist here in Montreal or just come and vibe in. If your looking for a good positive and pleasant night, Join us on this Thursday at A Mic&Dim Lights!!!


This Week: MCC


“MCC is a dream addict seeking rehab who lives with an insomniac. So, in his spare time, he nurses young, black lambs back to health so that he can stay on good terms with Jesus. An avid slackliner, his friends agree that his meat is the stringiest. Fueled by funk, juiced up on jazz and running on rap, MCC enjoys a good, reliable barstool and a mike connected to a clear frequency. He used to be a Town Guide and so smiles like the Cheshire Cat so you can find him in the night.

MCC is a competing member on the Montréal Slam Poetry Team (2012), he MC’d for the McGill Talent Drive for Héma-Québec (2011), MC’ed for the McGill Improv Show (2011), and presented at McGill’s 10th Annual Education Student Graduate Seminar (2010), and has been published with an “Honorary Mention” in a national poetry collection. (Solitude, 2009).

MCC stands for Michael Cody Clarke and was forcefully socialized into his nickname. He has since embraced it, upon discovering its affinity with Einstein’s Famous Theory. He is interested in the process of naming, and enjoys calling himself (when no one else is looking) Mike “Cosmic” C. His internet profile is on the way so watch out!”


Come and “Take Hold Of Your Right To Speak”

This Thursday June 14th at Cafe L’Artere 7000 Parc ave

Peace, Love & Poetic Unity!!

This Thursday: Melodic Rose


Camellia Rose Morris was born in Toronto, Ontario.  She began to play the piano at age 7 at the Cosmo School of Music, where she trained extensively in classical music.  Although she wrote her first poem in the forth grade, she has gradually developed into an Artist, finding self expression both in piano composition and in her ability to write.

Since then she has penned 7 novels, which includes a self published poetry book, a verse novel, historical fiction, four one act plays and more than 80  poems, she continues to pursue her passion with relentless abandon.

Her influences come from a wide variety of artists, writers, singers and musicians. Some of the foremost being, Audra McDonald,  India Arie, Stevie Wonder, Carlos Ruiz Zaffon,  Ludovico Einaudi, Yanni and Yiruma

Camellia Morris, is very passionate about using her gifts, as a channel, that will not only entertain people but will inspire and reach out to those who are hurting and suffering. She believes that all art is a spiritual manifestation and believes she has a level of responsibility to speak truth and life into those who come into contact with her art.


Come and “Take Hold Of Your Right To Speak”

This Thursday June 7th at Cafe L’Artere 7000 Parc ave

Peace, Love & Poetic Unity from SPLC!